Did I use it right???  Did it sound cool???  Mama is 36 years old and not as cool as she use to be.....or think she was!  :)  This morning it came to a new old lady low when I had to look up a word on Urban Dictionary to figure out what it means.  I first really noticed it in that stupid Selfie song.  And then I saw it in a few times in social media posts by hip-hop stars.  Then this morning I saw it in some Twitter thing that a random kid posted about his teacher and I finally said to myself "figure out what this word means old lady"!  So according to Urban Dictionary this is what Ratchet means.....


  A diva, mostly from urban cities and ghettos, that has reason to believe she is every mans eye candy. Unfortunately, she's wrong.

Typical signs to beware of include, but are not limited to:
-owning a Blackberry
-BLARES anything by Drake, 2Chainz, Nicki Minaj, Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka, Lil Wayne, T-Pain, Cali Swag District, or any other garbage entertainment rapper
-rowdily quotes "lyrics" from aforementioned artists
-has a weave reminiscent of a bird's nest after a tempest hit the tree it was in, and is dyed at least thrice
-wears torn leggings/stalkings (mostly of the fishnet variety), unpolished 8" heels (or higher, depending on how God-awful they look), fitted jean jackets (to accent the blubber 'round their arms and stomach), and 4 layers of caked on make-up to go clubbing
-repeatedly use ludicrous terms such as "YOLO", "swag", "boost", "beaking", "doe", "really", "naw", "actually", "twerk", "coaster", "dagga", etc., to make a valid statement when they speak
-have side bangs, despite having incredibly small-ass foreheads to support them
-are commonly overweight
and are mind-numbingly stupid; a safe assumption to make would be saying they're uneducated (as if they could pass the 4th grade)



Now this chick here is NOT ratchet......a little off her rocker but not ratchet.  Last night I went to dinner with a girlfriend at Buca Di Beppo.  I was looking forward to a yummy frozen Bellini to drink.  As soon as the waiter comes I look at the little menu think in the middle of the table, see the words frozen Bellini right on the top, don't read any further and order up my drink.  Guess I ordered some sort of special drink cause next thing you know the waiter come around the corner with a flashing cup.  The waiter was shocked that I didn't want to take this bad boy home........