What must people think of us?  I am specifically thinking about the teacher and parents of other kids at my daughters preschool.  This has been a rough week for us.  My hubby came down with a cold on Monday and it has spiraled out of control and taken over our family.  The hubby is never sick and doesn't complain but this week has kicked his ass.  He is miserable!  Lovelyn and I have minor cold symptoms but nothing on the level of the hubby.  Well yesterday was Lovelyn's very first picture day at school.  We had a cute little dress picked out.  We have been so run down and busy that we didn't make a game plan for our daughter hair.  My daughter is blessed/cursed with hair like her mama and it is curly, frizzy and crazy.  The hubby was feeling so crappy yesterday morning plus that fact that he is a dude, that he just went for the headband and threw it in her frizzy hair.  Once he pulled up in front of the school and saw the La Jolla mom's putting the finishing touches on their perfect children he said his heart sank.  He felt like he had totally dropped the ball on picture day.  I tell him no big deal and she has many more in her future.  I then change into my comfy pj's and roll out to pick Lovelyn up from school.  I pull up and immediately now I am feeling like a mess.  I see all the other parents in their professional gear and here I am....pj's, uggs, frizzy hair and no makeup.  That is when it occurs to me that we are "that family".  People must think we live in a tent in one of the nearby canyons or something.  Oh well, at least we are a comfortable family.....glass half full????  When Lovelyn comes out of the classroom I see her teachers must have helped fix her hair a bit after the hubby dropped her off.  I can't wait to see how these pictures turn out.


Hoping for a restful weekend!