I did it! I biked to work on Friday and was able to do it without getting myself injured. I know I sound like a big baby when it comes to this stuff but I get freaked out when I am not in control. I don't feel in control on a bike, ATV, skis, etc…… And these all happen to be things that I have been forced to do on The Show over the last few years. Out of those 3 the biking ended up being the most enjoyable for me. Maybe that was cause I had a week of practice before the big event. I really did start to enjoy riding around my neighborhood. Riding down Balboa with traffic flying by…….not as much. But that Balboa thing totally turned out to be my fault. I thought I had really picked a great route to bike to work. Well on Thursday I find a map of just stuff for bikers. It shows what streets have bike lanes and what areas have bike paths. I think to myself………"What….not all streets have bike lanes???" This is how ignorant to biking I was, I thought all streets had some sort of bike lane. Why would I assume that? I check out the map……..can't see Balboa……where is Balboa???.......I can't see Balboa cause it is one of the few streets without a bike lane. Great planning Sky! If I ever end up doing something like this again I will choose a street that actually has a bike lane. Our web gal put together a video that everyone things is just hysterical. Very funny with the music………NOT!!!!!