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Weekend Pictures

Weekend Pictures
Posted June 24th, 2013 @ 4:33am

           How did it get to be Monday already? This weekend flew by. Even though it went so fast I do feel like we were productive. We stayed home all Saturday cause the hubby wasn't feeling good. Summer colds are the worst. But it was kinda cool for me (sorry hunny) cause I got to do a bunch of stuff around the house. Mainly Lovelyn and I worked out in the yard pulling weeds. Well, I pulled the weeds and she took her little shovel and poured dirt on everything…..her swing, her toys, her shoes, etc…. Sunday morning I got up early and met my friend Susan in Carmel Valley for a parents swap meet. Susan has been telling me about these forever but I finally got off my ass and went. I had a mission………a Big Wheel and a kids table. I brought $60 and didn't know how much I was going to end up spending. Susan got there before me and scored the second spot in line. We kicked it for about an hour and a half just sitting on the sidewalk talking till they let all us crazy parents in. Susan and I went up and down each aisle scoping out the scene before committing to the best deal. I got Lovelyn a Big Wheel and a kids table for a total of $10. The Big Wheel was $6 and the table was $4. Not gonna lie, both of these items looked like they had been well loved. But I got them home took a Clorox wipe to them and they were all good to go. LOVE getting a deal. After our bargain hunting we picked up the kids and hit the zoo. I have never seen the zoo more packed. But what do I expect going at 11am on a Sunday the first weekend of summer?

Here I am in line at the parents swap meet before the open the gates………..


Lovelyn was a big fan of the Komodo Dragon at the zoo………..


But of course my little dare devil's favorite was the sky tram thing. I think she would have been fine with us just riding it all day………...


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