Home Addition Week 10.  It's been about 3 months now and out home addition is so close to being finished!!!!!  All the big stuff is done now we are just working on things like paint, tile, stair rails and carpet.  After what seemed like a million trips to tile stores we finally have all our tile purchased and ready to go.  Hope to get to the carpet store this week.  The stair rails have been picked they just needed to be installed and painted.  The big thing is going to be when we paint the exterior of the house.  I have two color options for you....... a Grey Blue color (same color as stucco on side of house) or a stronger Blue color.  At first I thought I would want the Grey Blue to go with the rest of the house but now that we put up a sample I think it just looks alright.  The Blue-Blue is a pretty strong color for me but with some bright white trim and a red door I think it could look really cool and pop.  Which color do you think looks best?