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What Our Interns Do

Posted July 8th, 2014 @ 10:56am



This morning I walking into The Show office at 4am to find water all over the carpet. Pictures of that on my blog this morning......   After 10 years of neglecting our mini-fridge, it was finally time to defrost the fridge.  But who really wants to defrost a freezer???  This is why we have interns.  I'm sure our intern Dario showed up to work today dreaming of all the cool radio things he might learn on this beautiful Tuesday.  Nope....guy spent 4 hours defrosting our freezer out in the parking lot.  I must say that Intern Dario gets stuff done!!!!!  Just imagine how much he will kick ass the day we actually let him work on radio stuff.  :)
Dario chipping away at the ice in the back of his truck......
The water running out of his truck and down the parking lot......
Still totally frozen 4 hours later........

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