Why is moving so expensive. I moved last week into a nice little studio that was a little bit cheaper then the place I was at before yet I feel like I spent so much money the last week for a ton of little things. The one last big thing I needed was a couch, so all day Saturday I was on the hunt. I’m the worst at stuff like this because I never can make a decision. I don’t know what I want and I’ m clueless on what matches, I really need a girl to help me but I didn’t have a girl so I relied on texting my friends and calling my parents non stop for there opinion. I finally got a little love seat sofa Saturday, it really only fits two but I think it will work in my place. Now, it was suppose to be delivered Saturday night, so I’m waiting and waiting and no couch is coming. Then a sales girl calls me to tell me that she’s sorry but they are delivering the wrong color couch!  I was cool because everyone makes mistakes but she promises she will call me Sunday. Well Sunday comes and no phone call. I call them to find what is up because I got stuff to do and part of the reason I bought it from them was quick delivery. The sales chick tells me the best they can do is have it delivered between 4pm-8pm which sucks because I had plans but whatever I just want this couch. So I’m home at 4, then 5, then 6 then 7, then 8 and nothing! Now I’m pissed! I call the store and they tell me that they’re sorry but the time frame was 6pm-10pm! I was not happy with that and finally dropped “this is unacceptable” on them. We both agreed I should get free delivery which saves me 69 bucks. The couch finally shows up at 8:45on last night and guess who was the first person to sit on it? Oscar of course because he thinks he can do anything. Check