I know people don’t want to read about me complaining about being sick but I have to let you know. I hate missing work especially because I have this fear that if I miss a day then some one may replace me. That being said I can’t remember a time when I had a worst flu then the one I got this past week. It started Tuesday night but really kicked in Wednesday after the show. I thought it was just another cold and in a few days it would be over but that was a huge mistake. By Friday my body hurt so bad that I was afraid to move! It was brutal! Friday night was one of the most miserable nights I’ve had being sick since I was a kid. I could not sleep at all, body aches, chills, constant headache and these very vivid dreams all night. I actually thought about calling my mom, who lives in NY at about 2am because I felt so bad. Luckily the flu passed and today I just feel sluggish and have a sore throat. The one thing I did this weekend is start watching Married With Children again. Love that show. I use to watch all the time as a kid with my dad and I forgot how funny it was.


A lot of people don’t like Saturday Night Live anymore but if you grew up in the 90s at all they did this Digital Short on Saturday that is so funny. Check it out.