First off I love what Adam Silver did yesterday to that piece of scum Donald Sterling. I thought for sure it was going to be an indefinite suspension until further notice kind of thing and I’m glad I was wrong. Silver brought the hammer down and banned him from the NBA FOR LIFE! He went on to say along with the owners the will force Sterling to sell the team. That will probably take time but being banned for life is a great start on top of the 2.5 million dollar fine he received. Some people are saying, “Well his girlfriend set him up, or even worse it was a private conversation”. To me I don’t care. If some one recorded a conversation with me or tried to set me up there is no way in hell those words would come out of my mouth because I’m not racists scum like he is. Another thing, I don’t care if it was a private conversation because this is NOT the court of law, the NBA is a privately owned business. He represents the NBA and if anyone talks with that much hatred at any job, at any level I’d want them to be fired and banned from whatever they do too. There’s no need in life for hatred of some one because of the way they look or their religious beliefs. I will never understand that.

On a lighter note, I read yesterday that HBO Hard Knocks had narrowed it down to 3 teams. Those three times are the Bears, Giants and Steelers. I am shocked and amped all at the same time. I know the new rule is that the NFL can force teams to be on the show. Usually its teams that are dying for publicity or teams that suck but not anymore, I mean that’s 3 storied NFL franchises that have been adamant that they would never do it. I thought for sure the Giants and Steelers would never be on it just because their owners are so high up in the league. I hope it’s the Giants because I’m a Giants fan and getting a behind the scenes look would be awesome. Well see what happens.