I saw Robin Williams had passed away when I went on twitter yesterday and I was really sad about it. Like everybody I had been watching him in movies and stand up my whole life pretty much. I think the first movie I saw of his was Aladdin then Jumanji or Mrs. Doubtfire. Anything he did he was hysterical at and even his serious roles were unbelievably good. I loved when he would come out at the Academy Awards and do a bit with Billy Crystal. My parents loved it and so did I.

I’m sure this hits home with millions of people not just me because unfortunately Alcoholism, drug addiction and mental illness are alive and well. I’ve been where Robin Williams was at, hopeless, helpless and wanting to end it all. I don’t know why a higher power came into play and helped me but it did. Luckily I was able to get out of that state of addiction but some people unfortunately are not able too. There is help out there and there is a way out.