I forgot how much I enjoy watching baseball. Last night I was able to catch some the Yankees Red Sox game and it was just fun to watch. It helped that the Yankees won 9-3 but I’m just glad baseball is back and to be honest I’m glad the Yankees are finally back to playing good baseball.

Albert Puljos hit his 500th homerun yesterday and I thought about it for a little while until I finally decided I could care less. I know that there have only been 26 players in baseball history to hit 500 but I just don’t care. Sports have become so much now about team and winning championships that I feel like individual accomplishments are great but don’t have the same excitement like they use to. It helps to that baseball records are so diluted because of the whole steroid era.

Finally, David Price of the Rays was lucky to be wearing a cup last night. Check out this screamer to the balls.