10 Secrets Guys Won’t Tell You About Cuddling

10 Secrets Guys Won’t Tell You About Cuddling

1. No Matter What He Says, He Still Wants Sex

Of course he loves you and his intentions may be pure initially, he may actually want to lay on the couch and just cuddle, but he really would prefer it to turn into sex.  Being so close and intimate is going to get him riled up whether you intend it to or not, unless of course it's a post sex cuddle.

2. It's Never Comfortable For Him

With your hair in his face or your head resting on his arm for extended periods of time it gets uncomfortable really fast.  Odds are he's enduring it for your sake and for the sake of hopefully getting laid.  

3. Sorry Bout The Boner

It's not really his choice to get a boner, but it's happening.  Sorry in advance. It sucks for guys to have to wedge t heir penis between his stomach and your back.  It sucks. Sorry.

4. He's Holding A Fart In For A Record Amount Of Time

But he loves you so much and knows how much this means to you that he doesn't want to ruin the mood.

5. He's Probably Balancing On The Edge Of the Couch

If  you're snuggling on the couch it probably means he's in some precarious position so that you can enjoy the majority of the couch. 

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