13% of Americans Don't Change Their Underwear Every Day

People in 25 major U.S. cities answered survey questions about personal and home hygiene and it turns out people aren't as concerned with cleanliness as you might think (or hope). The survey conducted by Quality Logo Products asked respondents how often they: showered/bathed; brushed their teeth; changed their underwear; changed their bed sheets; and washed their hands after using the toilet.

How often do you change your underwear:

  • 86.6% every day
  • 9.0% every 2-3 days
  • 4.4% 4 days or more

How often do you shower or bathe:

  • 9.8% more than once a day
  • 63.6% one a day
  • 22.1% every 2-3 days
  • 4.4% every 4-5 days

How often do you brush your teeth:

  • 6.3% 3 or more times per day
  • 58.3% twice a day
  • 29.1% once a day
  • 6.2% every 2-3 days or less

How often do you change your bed sheets:

  • 3.2% more than once a week
  • 33.5% every week
  • 34.2% more than 3 weeks
  • 18.8% every month
  • 6.9% every 2-3 months
  • 3.4% more than 3 months

How often do you wash your hands after using the toilet:

  • 39% of Americans sometimes skip washing their hands after using the toilet.

For overall cleanliness, residents in Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, FL got the highest marks, while Seattle, WA residents received the lowest. The chart below shows how the cities participating in the study stacked up by category.

The survey sampled 2,700 U.S. residents age 18 to 82 with a median age of 33. At least 100 residents from each major city.

Photo: Getty Images / Graphics: Quality Logo Products®

Personal hygiene habits in the U.S.


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