20 Things That Make You Seem Old, According To Millennials

A new study commissioned by Love Energy Savings asked millennials (people between the age of 25 - 40) what behaviors and habits make people seem old. The results indicate that embracing and using new technology has a lot to do with how old you are perceived.

The company's CEO said, ‘Our research shows how today’s millennials are left scratching their heads by behavior that was once commonplace – like watching conventional, broadcast TV and actually using your mobile phone to talk to people – rather than for messaging.’

Here are the top 20 things that millennials characterize as 'old' behaviors, ranked in order of greatest response.

1. Using cash

1. Putting a hankie up your sleeve

3. Having bills sent to you in the mail

4. Having posh cutlery for special occasions

5. Writing lists with pen and paper

5. Smoking

7. Describing a song as ‘banging’

7. Calling for a taxi instead of using an app

9. Taking time off to go vote

9. Watching actual TV

11. Still being on Facebook

11. Reading books

13. Going to church

13. Talking on the phone

15. Wearing skinny jeans

16. Using an actual camera

17. Dating in real life

18. Not having pronouns in your Instagram bio

19. Using a satellite navigation

20. Eating Dairy

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