CHP Searches For Dirt Bike Rider That Jumped Freeway in Beaumont

California motorcyclist has jumped 4 lanes of traffic on the 60 Freeway in Beaumont as cars pass underneath.  This video below has been viewed thousands of times and has even prompted an investigation by the California Highway Patrol.

As of right now CHP hasn't received any calls to report the incident and they also don't seem to have any witnesses that came forward to report the incident either.

At this time CHP cannot confirm that the man who posted the video @Kyle_Katsandris is in fact the rider that actually made the jump.

The jump broke a few misdemeanor laws, including trespassing on state property, and was reckless endangerment while operating a motorized vehicle, due to the fact that the rider jumped over a freeway, CHP told NBC4 Southern California.

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