MEET OUR NEW PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday I went to Petsmart to drop Oscar off for a haircut. When I was leaving I noticed a rescue adoption going on outside and I NEVER DO THIS but I walked over to see the dogs. I noticed one little guy that reminded me of a combination of my dogs Oscar and Astro. I held him for a little bit and that was a MASSIVE mistake. I called my girlfriend Liz and next thing you know she was there holding him. Then without really thinking we ADOPTED A PUPPY! This guy is so young that he barely knows how to walk on the leash. Oscar is 9 and Astro is about to be 3 so there will be an adjustment for everybody but I think it will be good in the long run. He's a puppy so he'll have to be out a lot which means the other two guys will benefit from that. 

We haven't decided on a name yet we are thinking.... Benjamin, Toby, Winston or Rufus. We can NOT decide! Here is our new guy though! 


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