Deformed Dog Destined For Euthanasia Becomes Internet Sensation

Meet Picasso, he's a 10-month-old pit bull- corgi mix that was born with a deformation and was therefore destined for euthanasia until on rescue group saved him from a high-kill animals shelter.  Now, he's  stealing hearts on the internet.

When Liesl Wilhardt, executive director of Luvable Dog Rescue, the organization that rescued Picasso, said that they posted a video of him on their Instagram account and then other media outlets began sharing the story with millions of people across the world. 

Picasso's mis-aligned snout is how he got his name and it makes him look a bit unreal.  Although the internet fell in love with him, his breeder didn't feel the same way.  Picasso and his brother were both surrendered at 8 months old because the breeder could not find any buyers for the pair saying it's hard to place dogs with medical conditions.

"He is completely not self-conscious about his looks and does not judge himself or others harshly on outward appearances," Wilhardt said.

Wilhardt said that people from across the globe have reached out and have expressed interest in adopting Picasso and his brother Pablo, but insists they aren't ready to be adopted just yet.

Picasso needs to have dental surgery to correct his painful condition that is caused by his mis-aligned snout.  The shelter will decide what surgery is best for the dog and then place Picasso and his brother Pablo up for adoption as a pair. 

Wilhardt says that fans of Picasso and Pablo can get updates from them on their Luvable social media platforms.

"Picasso could teach others what we share in common is more important than what is different," Wilhardt said. "People are the same. No matter where people are from, or what they look like, we are the same."

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