Poway Mayor Pulls Off April Fools Joke, Claiming Potato Chip Rock Snapped

The Poway Mayor has successfully pranked all of San Diego with this photo that has gone viral.  

First the mayor posted this photoshopped photo of Potato Chip Rock along with the caption:

“I’m not surprised,”  said Vaus. “A million folks a year climb up there to sit on it, stand on it, jump on it and lord knows what else they do on it. It was bound to break sooner or later but this couldn’t have happened at a worse time.”

Without reading the fine print, people were sharing the image all over social media believing that Potato Chip Rock had indeed snapped.

IF you are unfamiliar with Potato Chip Rock it sits atop of a very popular hiking spot on Mount Woodson.  San Diegans fllod the hiking trails on the weekends all just to stand in line at the top to get a picture of themselves on top of the rock.

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