Webbed Toed Woman Walking Around Naked Claims She's A Mermaid

According to this woman, mermaids do exist... and she is one of them.  

This woman, only identified as a mermaid named Joanna was found walking almost naked along a dark stretch of roadway in the middle of the night.  

The young woman with webbed toes and fingers was found wearing only a black sports bra and wet hair when the cops arrived at her location on Millerton Road around 3:15am on Tuesday according to the Fresno Bee.

When questioned she mostly answered "I don't know" but did manage sot say that was wet because she had just been in the lake and said that she needed to be taken to the hospital.

The police still have not determined the woman's identity despite going through records and fingerprinting.

The mystery woman known as "mermaid Joanna" is about 5'4" tall, weighs about 150lbs and she has webbed toes on both feet.  Officials estimate her age as being between 16 and 30 and that she is neither white nor hispanic.  

“There are some strange things that happen up here,” said neighbor Karon Renwick. “We’re in the mountains.”

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