Couple having LOUD SEX stops a tennis match in Florida!

I don't usually watch tennis or even watch highlights of tennis on ESPN but this was something that caught my attention During a tennis match in Florida between Frances Tiafoe and Mitchell Krueger at the Sarasota Open something happened that you don't usually hear everyday.

The match is going well then out of nowhere you start to hear the slight sounds of a woman moaning. Then the sound gets louder and this just isn't any moan, this is a couple having sex. The match GETS STOPPED BECAUSE OF THE NOISE! The crowd stats reacting and even the commentators say something about it! 

Things quite down and once the match starts up again everything is ok till about a minute in WHEN THE SEX NOISE STARTS AGAIN!!!!

Who knows if a couple was really having sex or if it was just a prank but either way this video is amazing. 

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