New Iphone 8 images and the new release date!!!

I was an Iphone guy for the longest time but about 7 months ago I made the switch and got a Samsung Galazy S7. The phone is SO MASSIVELY different that it took a few days to get use to but now I freaking love it. The camera is on another level and the operating system is awesome. After figuring the phone out it is super continent and easy to use.

That all being said if these new report and images are real I may be making the switch back to an Iphone! One of the reasons I made the switch was because Iphone kind of looks the same and hasn't really changed in years. I just wanted something new. I guess Apple heard the compliments because the new Iphone 8 looks freaking amazing!

Apparently it has a return of glass back, removal of the home button, waterproof, wireless charging, 3D sensors, 521ppi pixel density, running on Apple’s A11 processor with 3GB of RAM, dual cameras, curved screen, and bezel-less display. On top of all of that there may be another model called the Iphone X with a curved screen!

Here are some leaked images of the new Iphone and word is it may not drop till 2018! 

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