Bottom Sniffer - The Beer For Dogs

Sometimes all you want to do is have a brew with your best friend and you can't because alcohol is bad for dogs.  That's all about to change!

Woof & Brew company creates teas, tonics and treats for dogs has now invented the "Bottom Sniffer" beer made just for dogs.  

This beer isn't like human beers.  It doesn't have hops, carbonation or even alcohol.  Why is even called a beer you might be asking yourself?

According to Woof & Brew the "beer" is meant to mimic the beer experience as it comes in fun bottles and contains natural chicken flavoring, dandelion, flax, and barley malt which are all flavors that your dog is going to love just like you love your favorite Stone IPA, or your beer of choice.

 The non-alcoholic dog beer sells for $23.

Just make sure your dog drinks responsibly.

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