Shooter Open Fires At Pool Party At UTC Apartment Complex

Warning!  graphic video


One single shooter has opened fire during a pool birthday party in the UTC area apartment complex that has left one dead and seven others injured before the gunman himself was killed by police.

The gunman,  later identified as Peter Selis, opened fire on a large crowd of people at the La Jolla Crossings apartment complex according to San Diego police chief Shelley Zimmerman.

One woman has died from her injuries sustained by the shooting and several others remain in critical condition. 

Selis was said to be sitting in a chair, drinking beer while opening fire on a large crowd of people. 

The gunman was later shot by SDPD officers after he allegedly pointed his gun at them.

Selis was reportedly a resident in that apartment complex but his motive is unknown at this time and it is unclear if Selis even knew any of the individuals shot.

“Our helicopter saw that the suspect was still in the pool area, was armed and appeared to be reloading," Zimmerman said at a press briefing Sunday night. “The suspect pointed the gun at our officers and three of our officers fired on the suspect and the suspect went down, and the suspect has been pronounced – the suspect is deceased ... We know several of [the victims] are in critical condition," Zimmerman said. 


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