Sunny Co. Offered Free Swimsuits To Anyone That Reposted The Photo But Did They Deliver?

You may have seen this picture before and could have been one of the 74,000 people that reposted this photo in hopes of receiving a bathing suit of their own.

Turns out that in just 24 hours this photo flooded Instagram in hopes of receiving a free bathing suit from Sunny Co.

The company went from just 7,000 fans to 784,000 overnight and eventually the account was shut down.

The co-founders of the company, both graduates from Torrey Pines High School state that they will fulfill the first 50,000 orders and are targeted to ship in 3-6 weeks. 

Both claim that they were completely caught off guard by the viral success and are working as quickly as possible to fulfill orders.

Not only does the company intend to keep its promise to fulfill orders, but they also intend to reimburse anyone that paid full price for this particular suit since the promotions inception.  So far, the company has issued nearly $73,000 in refunds.

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