Del Mar Fairgrounds Cancels Medical Marijuana Festival

Medical Marijuana Festival at Del Mar Fairgrounds

The Del Mar Fairgrounds Board of Directors hosted a public meeting last night (5/30) to let citizens voice their concerns over the medical marijuana festival that was previously scheduled to take place at the fairgrounds on September 23rd.

The 5+ hour long meeting concluded with the decision to cancel it.  Board members told the organizers of the medical marijuana festival that they would reconsider if they eliminate smoking marijuana at the event.

Months ago this event was approved, a contract was signed and the event was billed as an educational event about marijuana.  The Goodlife Festival organizers agreed that attendees would have to be at least 21-years-old but that only medical marijuana prescription card holders would actually be able to bring it into the event and smoke in designated areas.

With the anticipation of large crowds, residents and anti-drug activists decided to voice their concerns.

"They call this the Goodlife Festival, but it’s just drug use," saidScott Chipman, an opponent of the festival.

"Our show is not about breaking laws, it’s not about breaking rules, it’s about providing information,"  "We are not selling any cannabis." Festival organizer Lawrence Bame said.

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