74-Year-Old Man Accused Of Getting Entire Church High With Cookies

weed cookies

Several congregants turned up sick over the weekend after complaining of "adverse effects" after eating some cookies shared by fellow church member only identified as Mr. Jones.

Jones is now being accused of lacing the cookies with THC.  Several of the congregants claim that they thought they were indulging in some sinfully delicious cookies and as it turns out, they were correct.

Six congregation members, aged 12-70 ended up at the local hospital on that fateful day.  They have reported the cookies as tasting unusually salty.

Initially Jones admitted to making the cookies, but stated that he did not add any illegal substances to the cookies.  The police then obtained a warrant to search his home and found an orange pill bottle containing brown capsules with an oily substance.  Later those pills tested positive for marijuana.  

Jones then turned himself in after a warrant for his arrest was issues.  Jones has been charged with criminal recklessness and possession of has oil.

Photo: Getty Images


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