Autopsy Report Shows Carrie Fisher Had Cocaine And Other Drugs In System

Carrie Fisher Dead

Recent autopsy reports show that Carrie Fisher had cocaine, methadone, heroin and ecstasy in her system at the time of death in December.

The coroner's report initially listed sleep apnea as the primary cause of death, with drug intake as a contributing factor.

The report stated that Fisher's family objected to a full autopsy and the coroner's investigators had access to limited toxicology specimens.  The conclusions were based on toxicology results and an external examination of Fisher's body.

Fisher died on December 27th, four days after going into cardiac arrest on an airplane arriving at LAX.  Fisher's assistant, who was on the plane with her reported that she was awake and normal at the beginning of the flight, but had several apneic episodes and at the end of the flight Fisher could not be awoken.

“Based on the available toxicological information, we cannot establish the significance of the multiple substances that were detected in Ms. Fisher’s blood and tissue, with regard to the cause of death,” the report states.

The report stated that Fisher may have ingested cocaine as early as three days before the flight and notes a likely exposure to heroin which could have suppressed her breathing as she went into cardiac arrest and had issues with sleep apnea as well.

In addition to the illegal drugs, Fisher was also taking Prozac, Abilify and Lamictal under prescription.  She was also taking oxycodone without a prescription.

The report also states that Fisher had a long history of bipolar disorder and a long history of drug use.


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