My girlfriend is trying really hard to be sexy in this photo!

My girlfriend Liz loves reptiles to the point when she was a kid growing up in the sticks of Pennsylvania she would play with snakes till they died! She is a psycho! Obliviously she was like 5 so she didn't know that would happen but still psycho. There are tons of pictures of her as a kid kissing frogs and lizards that she found in the woods. It is really something else. 

Saturday night we were out our friends house and they have a decent size snake so of course Liz had to hold it. Not only did she hold it but she wouldn't let it go! It was borderline creepy!! 

Here she is trying to be sexy Britney Spears with this snake.

Here are two pictures I had to share of my dogs. The first one is our puppy Watson cuddling hard with our oldest dog Oscar! Look at these two guys!!! 

This is our mild child Astro totally breaking the rules and laying on top of the couch. I hate this because it totally ruins our couch cushion. He looked so comfortable so I felt bad getting him down. 


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