Why the NBA needs Lavar Ball! Just watch this video!!!

I'm not going to sit here and type about how I'm this massive NBA fan. I love sports so I'll watch the playoffs and some games during the regular but that is really it. One of the reasons I'm not invested that much is because I'm a Knicks fan and the Knicks have been awful for years!!

That all being said last night was the NBA Draft and Lonzo Ball got drafted by the Lakers. That isn't the story because the story is the WWE style promo his dad Lavar cut on ESPN. This was amazing to watch and is what the NBA needs. After a turd playoff the NBA needs a villian like Lavar Ball. I feel bad for his son Lonzo because the pressure is ten times worse on him now but Lavar HAS TO KEEP TALKING!

Check out this amazing promo by Lavar! 



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