Has Nintendo gone too far with this new release coming in September?

I love the 90s nostalgia as much as the next guy but is this too much? 

Nintendo announced they are releasing the old Super Nintendo. They are going to release it in September and call it the Super Nintendo Classic that will have 21 games such as Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country.

Now I think this is cool just like I'll watch some old cartoons from when I was a kid every once and a while but when I saw the price tag I thought it was a joke.

The whole thing will cost $79.99!! That is insane to me! Who is paying that much for a massively out of date system. Why not just release those games as an app thru a cell phone? I can see people buying this and it being fun for a couple of weeks then you drop the controller and pick up your Xbox or PS4. 

Here is all the info! What do you think? 



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