Argument Between Neighbors Leads To Shooting Caught On Camera

Warning!  Video is graphic! NSFW!

An Indiana man has been accused of shooting his neighbor after an altercation lands one in the hospital in critical condition.

Dean Keller has had an ongoing fence dispute with his neighbor, Jeffrey Weigle for several years says Keller's sister.

The video above, released by the prosecutor's office on Wednesday, shows  Weigle addressing Keller by saying, "Hey [expletive]," before adjusting a  portion of the fence that borders their respective properties. He then  says, "I see you got the [expletive] out," in reference to Keller's  wife. Weigle then gets onto his riding lawnmower and starts to ride off.

As Keller approached the fence to see what Weigle did to it, Weigle is seen backing up his lawnmower to flash his gun at Keller. Keller immediately reacted by pulling out his own gun and firing at Weigle, hitting him 4 times in the chest.

In a release issued by the Johnson County Prosecutor's Office said that Dean Keller acted in self defense and would not be charged in the shooting.

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