Man Arrested For Using Stun Gun On Wife's Toddlers

man accused of using taser to discipline his wifes kids

A Missouri couple have been charged after the man admitted to using a stun gun to discipline his wife's 3 toddlers.

According to police reports, 22-year-old Gale Epple is in custody after a babysitter has called the police after finding bruises on Shelby Crabtree's 3 children.  Crabtree claims that she didn't notify authorities herself because she feared that the state would remove her 2-year-old daughter and her 1-year-old twins.

Epple was charged with Friday on three counts of child abuse and neglect after the babysitter secretly recorded Epple saying that he knew he wasn't supposed to use a stun gun on the children, but that it doesn't hurt.

As for the mother, she has been charged with three counts of child endangerment.

Photo: Getty Images

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