Driver Dies After Slamming Into Back Of Big Rig In Chula Vista

Is the driver at fault after a young man has died this morning after crashing his vehicle into the back of a parked semi-truck in Eastlake.

The crash was on Eastlake Parkway and the reported occurrence was  around 5:15am so it was still dark at 5:15 in the morning.  The driver of the truck was illegally parked on the street, according to police.  

The driver made a quick run into Jack-In-The-Box when the crash happened but was illegally parkedin a bike lane according to police reports.

The driver was the sole occupant in the car during the accident and it appears that  he never attempted to use the brakes prior to hitting the truck.

Currently investigators are trying to find out if the young driver was distracted at the time of the crash.

Many people are saying that the driver should be punished for the young man's death because it was still dark outside when the crash occurred and the driver may not have seen the vehicle. Do you think the truck driver should be held responsible at all?

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