My dad made the "paper" again and this picture is something else!

I got a phone call late last night from my dad and whenever they call past 8 it always makes me nervous because they are on the east coast so are 3 hours ahead. I always think that something bad happened otherwise why would they be calling so late. 

I answer the phone yesterday at 8:30pm which is 11:30pm in Florida and my dad says he has huge news. He says, " I made the paper again!" That's right if your keeping score at home my dad is talking about his local retirement village paper that he made once before while he was playing kickball.

Here is the sweet picture but you may not notice my dad at first so I had to edit it a little bit just so you can see him. 

If you didn't see him (because I didn't till he told me) here it is blown up a little bit.

How did he see this?! 

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