#makethorgreatagain boot camps are coming back! You still down!?

I have decided to really switch up my workouts and for the first time ever I started doing crossfit style workouts. I found this gym called Zastc in El Cajon which I love! They have an awesome zombie theme to the gym and we've been going for a little over a week and we love it! The workouts are so hard but I am slowly becoming  obsessed with it. I still have a long way to go with learning the movements but I think it will come eventually. 

My girlfriend and I are doing this to train for a Spartan Race in Big Bear on October 29th. 

I'm so pumped on all of this that I will be bringing back the free #makethorgreatagain boot camps!!! I hope everyone still wants to go and get in shape with me! I'm going to have more announcements on it soon! 

Here is a picture of me at Zastc after a brutal workout yesterday! 



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