12 Inmates Escape Jail Cell Using Peanut Butter

12 inmates escaped from an Alabama jail when they used peanut butter to change the numbers above their cell and trick a new employee into opening the door that led outside, a sheriff said.

The group then took off in all different directions and taking off their orange uniforms and using blankets to climb over a razor wire fence on Sunday evening.

Inmates "scheme all the time to con us and our employees at the jail," Walker County Sheriff James Underwood said. "You have to stay on your toes. This is one time we slipped up. I'm not going to make any excuses."

"They took advantage of a young fellow that hadn't been here very long" and who had to monitor 150 inmates at a time, the sheriff said. They apparently saved peanut butter from food regularly served at the jail.

"They love peanut butter sandwiches," the sheriff said.

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