This is what I ate yesterday! I'M GRIEVING! SAVE THE E MAILS!! SAVE EM!

It has been a week and a half since my ex girlfriend Liz decieded she wantd to move back to Pittsburgh and I'm not going to lie it has been rough. My life kind of got flipped upside down. I haven't been sleeping that much, I barely eat through out the day but when I do I binge. I know it isn't healthy but I'm GREIVING THE RELATIONSHIP!!! SAVE THE THE EMAILS!!

These two pictures are my last two meals. 

The first picture is my Popeyes dream. 5 piece, 2 sides, 2 biscuits and 2 cherry pies!

The second picture is my Taco Bell lunch. Nachos Bell Grande, mini quesadilla and 2 supreme crunchy tacos.

It sounds like a lot but it is all I've been eating, which isn't good either. I'M GRIEVING!

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