Throwback Thursday on The Show - August 17th

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Eddie's TBT blog: My First... And Only Time At Disneyland

Sky's TBT blog: 1993 Smoking Sky

Ashlee's TBT blog: Mud Wrestling in Bikinis

Thor's TBT blog: Vegas!

The Show's EXCLUSIVE Interview with David Mueller, the DJ accused of Groping Taylor Swift

Today on The Show

The World's Highest-Paid Actresses 2017: Emma Stone Leads With $26 Million

More Men Cry During In-Flight Movies than You Think

The Falcons' billion-dollar stadium will have a Chick-fil-A that's almost never open

Woman Born Without Vagina Starts Crowdfunding Campaign For Surgery

Former California prep baseball player sues coach for $150,000, claims benching was bullying

Which Of These Pet Peeves Is The Worst?

Jury Rules In Favor Of Taylor Swift In Groping Trial; Orders DJ To Pay $1

BANISH THE BUSHCuts, BURNS and painful rashes… the injuries 1 in 4 get from grooming down below – and how to avoid them

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