7 Things Friends With Benefits Should NEVER Do

The Show talks friends with benefits, take a listen...

With no real clear boundaries set, a friends with benefits relationship (FWB) can get weird real quick.  Even though you are not in an 'official' relationship with this person they should still be respectful of you, your time and they should never exhibit any of these suspect behaviors.  If they do, then perhaps it's time to downgrade them to friends or perhaps just lose their number altogether.

1. Not Be Honest About Your Intentions

If you are interested in someone as a potential relationship, the last thing you should do is enter a FWB relationship with someone you know you want to be 'official' with.  A lot of times people think that a no-strings-attached relationship will turn into an official relationship and sometimes it does, but a lot of times it just ends up in one getting hurt.  

2. Blow Off Plans

If your FWB is constantly playing cat and mouse or perhaps only wants to see you when they want it then perhaps it's time to erase their number.  Next time they hit you up then it's your turn to do the blowing off.

3. Act Jealous

Jealousy is never healthy for any relationship, but that little green-eyed-monster can make an appearance in your FWB relationship too.  The key here once again is to let the other know your intentions from the get-go.  If jealousy  is constantly an issue then you might want to move on.

4. Ghost You

Ghosting is probably the worst thing that you can do to a person. It's just RUDE!

We get it! Rejection sucks.  It's hard to dole out and it's even harder to receive, but in a FWB relationship both parties should understand that the relationship is going to have a shelf life.  It is inevitable that someone is going to peace out at any time and when they do, a simple "I'm not into this anymore" is sufficient. That's it!  Ignoring them and just never talking to them again is just not cool.

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