Tinder Date Gone Wrong: Woman On Date Stuck Trying To Grab Her Own Poop


Well, one guys Netflix and Chill date was crap!  This Tinder hookup ended with a woman being pried off of a window after getting stuck trying to grab her own sh!t.

On Tuesday morning, Liam Smyth launched a GoFundMe campaign for $357 to replace a window that firefighters ended up destroying trying to save his feces flinging date.

It all started after Liam Smyth took his date to Nando's Portuguese restaurant in Bristol, UK and afterwards went back to his apartment for a little Netflix and Chill action.

But then, his date had to use the restroom.

“ ‘I went for a poo in your toilet,’ she told me,” Smyth wrote on his GoFundMe campaign site. But when the toilet wouldn’t flush, she lost her head a little: “I reached into the toilet bowl, wrapped it in tissue paper, and threw it out of the window.”

Unfortunately for his date, her poop didn't quite make it out the window.  Due to a design quirk, her turd bundle fell inside of a wide gap between the window's two panes.  

She immediately went to Smyth and asked him to help her retrieve the turd.  With his help she was able to retrieve the turd and hand it back to Smyth.  However, once she retrieved her prize, he wasn't able to pull her back into the window.  Smyth ended up calling the Fire Department and having them rescue her.

Smyth claims that he does plan on seeing the probably very embarrassed girl again in the future. 


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