What Does The Perfect Date Look Like?

New research from Match.com reveals the characteristics that most women look for in a man - and vice versa.

The study revealed that most women are looking for a dark haired, blue-eyed doctor with a 'dad bod' to settle down with.

Men, on the other hand are in search of blonde women who make their living through freelance work and like to go hiking. 

Check out the infographic put together by match.com here!

It seems as though men really do prefer blondes, and blue eyes were proven to be the most popular eye color, but most men prioritized a nice smile over eye color.

Spanish speakers were also quite the turn on for most men, as well as a women who exercises once or twice a week and isn't a fussy eater.

Turns out however, that women were just as picky with their ideal preferences.

Both sexes preferred dog people over cat people and they preferred early risers to party animals but turns out that women are on the hunt for a handsome doctor with blue eyes.

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