Subtle Clues Your Lady Wants Sex

Women don't typically come out and say that they want to have sex and are a lot of times much more subtle about letting their partners know that they want to haves sex.   Reddit users were asked how their partners let them know that they want to have sex and here are the hilarious responses they revealed.

"She leads me by the hand into the bedroom and whispers those magic words into his ear "The baby is asleep." then we have quiet sex while trying not to make eye contact with the dog" -Estebonus

"My wife will seductively block out 30 minutes on her day planner a week in advance. It's hot!" -HitlersHotpants

"If I am playing video games she will lean her boobs on my back... or head" - ProfWashu

"A back rub is code fro let's get naked in bed right now"  - PM_Me_YourHappyNews

"My ex wife used to hug me and lightly dry hump me and go "eh, eh, eh" in unison with the thrusts" -5meterhammer

My fiance just looks at me and says casually, "Do you want to put the penis in the vagina" -ElkMewl

"My wife has successfully solved this communication gap by not wanting sex. EVER!" -DaisyDoozer



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