Woman Shoots Homeless Man Who Asked Her To Move Her Porsche

A 26-year-old woman in Nashville, TN is now facing charges after shooting a homeless man near Music Row in August.

Police say that Gerald Melton, a 54-year-old homeless man, was sleeping near Katie Quackenbushes parked Porsche SUV and was disturbed by the exhaust fumes and the loud music that was coming out of her car while he was trying to sleep on 19th ave sidewalk around 3am.

Melton asked the woman to move her car because he was trying to sleep. An argument ensued and Quackenbush got out of the car with a weapon.

As the argument continued, Melton shot the homeless man twice.  Melton suffered critical wounds to his abdomen.  

Quackenbush's father has released this statement on her behalf

"The two women were actually acting in self defense. The man was always  on his feet and not asleep as someone apparently has alleged and had  accosted a group of very young women and nearly became physical with  one. He then approached the white Porsche (not Lexis) with two female  occupants  and started verbally accosting them threatening them because  their music was too loud for him to sleep... The driver fired a round as  a warning to scare him away as he came at her. He kept coming and she  fired a second round, again intended to scare him away. They quickly got  back into the white vehicle and left, not knowing  that the man was hit  by the warning shots. Both girls contacted the police and DA shortly  after the incident and have always agreed to cooperate fully with the  investigation."

Katie Quackenbush has posted a $25,000 bond and was released from jail. 


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