10 Things Your Friends Wish You'd Stop Doing On Facebook

1. The Obvious Con

Look people, this one has been going around for years and for some reason it still surfaces and people STILL SHARE IT. Yes, we're talking about the premium Facebook account con.  Also, the if you share this photo with 30 friends you'll be able to spy on your ex-girlfriend's inbox, scam and don't forget the Jesus will bless you with whatever... you get the point because your grandma and older relatives all love to share it... just in case.

2. Dirty Laundry

When you break up with someone, just unfriend them and move on.  Nothing makes you look more ridiculous than passive aggressive status updates like: "I can do so much better" #SoLongTom #ICanDoBetter #YouGetThePoint #Hashtag #MoreAnnoyingHashtags

3. The Anti-Facebook Facebook Post

Why are you even on Facebook if all you do is tell everyone how much you hate Facebook? Just delete it and move on already.  No one on your facebook page is sitting there hoping that you stay on Facebook.  No one is thinking "how will I make it through the day without her on FB."  I repeat, no one.

4. Love Letters From Your Significant Other

Your friends are thrilled that you found a great partner and they are happy for you... hopefully.  But if you want to tell your significant other that you love them, why don't you tell them in person rather than on Facebook.  Constantly posting "I am the luckiest girl in the world" and "I have found my perfect match" is annoying. It's bad enough when it's from a married couple but when it comes from someone that's in a new relationship every week your friends are well aware that you're going to find a new dude next week and will be posting the same crap about this one.  Insert eye roll.  PLUS, studies show that the ones who post how happy they are are in fact the least happy, soooo.... we all see through it. 

5. The Mass Meme Tagging

Everyone sees memes that reminds them of certain friends.  Sometimes you tag them in it sometimes you send it via email, fine.  But don't post a meme and tag all 599 of your damn friends in it because now all of those friends are going to receive all of those notifications from all of your 599 friends' friends. 

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