Rapper Xxxtentacion Show's White Child Getting Lynched In Latest Video

NSFW! The language and imagery is graphic!  


Rappery Xxxtentacion is known to be an edgy teenager who was knocked out when a fight broke out at his concert in San Diego earlier this year. He is known for his aggressive lyrics and heavy bass trap anthems and his popularity has recently grown while he was in jail for domestic abuse.

He has since released an album called “17” and has also been accused by another ex-girlfriend of extreme battery for beating her while she was pregnant.

Aside from that, he has released a new music video for "Look At Me!" which is his most popular song.  The video only focuses on the song for a few minutes, then quickly veers into American injustices and depicts the hangings of several black teenagers. The rapper also reads off the names of black men like Philando Castile, who were unarmed men that were killed by police officers.

The video then turns into an outrageous scene where Xxxtentacion is walking onto a school's stage with a black and a white boy as a noose hangs from above. The rapper points at both kids and then puts the noose around the white boy’s neck as the black boy stands and watches. Xxxtentacion then walks off the stage, grabs the other end of the noose and starts to raise the boy into the air; lynching him.

This disturbing video, which has more than 7 million views, shows the young boy wiggle as his body goes limp.



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