Smartphones Have Changed Our Pooping Habits.... For The Worse

A recent study has reported that approximately 90% of people take their phones into the bathroom with them.

A professor at Baylor University, Dr. James Roberts, who has conducted extensive research on phone addiction and it's impact on society and individuals claims that our phones have certainly changed how we spend time in the bathroom.  

When we aren't around our phones for just a short period of time, some people can get stressed, anxious and even irritable.  Yet, we put our health and our brains at risk in a multitude of ways when we use our phones in the bathroom.

Threat No. 1: Germs, Germs, Germs

Phones are like door knobs in that they are covered in germs and disgusting pathogens that can make you sick. With doorknobs, though. we usually don't take them with us to the bathroom and then place them on dinner tables when we are eating.

Some of these germs don't fool around either.  Fecal pathogens can include things like E. Coli, the strain of bacteria that causes staph infections and Acinebacter, a pathogen that enters any opening that it can to cause contagious respiratory infections.

2. Your Brain Desperately Needs A Break

Sometimes people retreat to the bathroom for a little break while at work and sometimes people take their phones with them to get caught up on social media or for shooting off emails. 

The bathroom should be a distraction free zone and bowel movements may just be the mind's way of begging for a little break.

 "Probably the worst thing for your productivity is to be on your phone in the bathroom, for sure," said author and productivity coach Peter Bregman

If you never let your brain relax and wander, you'll never solve the deeper problems. Your brain needs these moments of boredom to wander and explore thoughts, this is where your best and most creative ideas will come from.

The Solution: Make your bathroom a serenity safe-zone again

"I ended up realizing just how heavily I rely on my phone while I poop," said Dave, a 27-year-old real estate agent from Los Angeles. "I ended up just staring at the wall for five minutes, finishing as fast as I could, then leaving… It made my poop a lot more boring. It felt like something was missing. And that I was missing everything."

right now the only zone where we do not usually bring our phones is the shower (until they start waterproofing them at least), so why not widen the electronics-free zone and remove all the screens from the commode entirely and return to being okay with being alone with your thoughts, again. 

Your brain and your rectum both will thank you!

Not to mention, hemorrhoids!  Read the entire list at


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