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Eddie's blog: Teddy Atlas Loses It On ESPN

Sky's Blog:  Did we get the shot?

Thor's Blog: Chargers haters will love this video

Today on The Show

Why getting on the plane first is BAD for your health: Experts say priority boarding dramatically increases the risk of infection if a passenger is sick

Man dies after 'being hit by mechanical coffin' as he walked through 'Buried Alive' haunted house attraction

Kevin Hart reveals alleged extortion attempt in apology to wife, kids

Aztecs Turn The Lights Out on Stanford

Comedian Craig Gass performs at the La Jolla Comedy Store

5 Virginities Every Bro Should Lose Before They Turn 30

Firefighters called after man gets penis stuck in gym weight plate

Yale University adopts gender-neutral terms and replaces 'freshman' and 'upperclassman' with 'first-year' and 'upper-level student' in public literature


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