Woman Stains Face Pink And Threatens To Sue Manufacturer


One woman's hilarious Twitter post is going viral as she threatens to sue Palmer Paints company for staining her face pink, even though it's clearly labeled poster paint.

The woman named Leah posted images on social media on Tuesday claiming that she applied pink 'washable' glitter poster paint to her face that ended up staining her face once she tried to wash it off.

Leah wrote a caption along with her photos "see you in court Palmer Paint Products."

She immediately went viral when the  internet started making fun of her and told her she probably should have avoided putting it on her face.

Kota‏ said: 'Nowhere did it say it was face paint - it's probably means it'll eventually wash off your hands.' 

Paul  Gamble wrote: 'Wtf! It even says poster paint on the bottle! I suggest  they intended it to be washed off your hands not your face.'


UPDATE as of 9/18/2017

Leah Till now claims the entire thing was just a joke and that the paint did come off in just 15 mi nutes.  She said her skin is fine and that she enjoyed reading all of everyone's replies and responded with another joke claiming she is going to sue Manic Panic for their hair color.  See posts below



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