13 Things You're Doing Wrong That Will Make People Dislike You Immediately


In most cases you only have a couple seconds to make someone want to spend more time with you or get away from you immediately. 

Business Insider put together the most specific traits and behaviors that make people either like you or dislike you immediately, both online and in person...

1. Acting Too Nice

Is there a point in which you can be too nice?  Seems as though the answer is yes. Researchers at Washington State University have discovered in a recent study people who came off as the most unselfish made the others look bad and others expected that they probably had ulterior motives or were just kissing ass.

2. Humblebragging

What is humblebragging? sometimes people will brag about themselves and try and disguise it as self-criticism.

3. Getting Too Nervous

Researchers believe that the odor of your nervous sweat can subconsciously influence people's judgment of your personality.

4. Not Smiling

When you're at a networking event it is hard to keep a smile plastered on your face the entire night, but try to do it anyway.  

Your smile makes you more approachable and you will automatically draw people to you and an added bonus is that another study found that smiling helps people remember you later.

Read all 13 tips to make sure your co-workers and people around you aren't getting the wrong impression here at BusinessInsider.com


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