Local Spotlight Artist - Mrs. Henry

Listen To Mrs. Henry "THAT AIN'T ENOUGH" and interview with Marty



Bands like Mrs. Henry aren’t manufactured. They are forged on inconsolable stretches of Americanhighway. Ignited by a consciousness-changing West Coast tour in 2015, Mrs. Henry spent the last two years faithfully converting the West. By congregatinga cult following, the band has earned an unrivaledreputation atop their already well-established individualcredits (Howlin’ Rain, The Silent Comedy). Endurance istheir vocation and bringing unapologetically live musicinto a new era is their mission. With an intergalacticboogie and a torrent of improvisation, Mrs. Henry is burnin’ nitro soul and it’s all for the sake of rock n’ roll.With the release of Vol. II (Blind Owl), Mrs. Henrycompletes their ambitious two-volume debut, documenting the inception of a band and the solidificationof a brotherhood. Certified 100% Analog, Vol. II was recorded straight to tape without second-guessingor second chances. The 2-LP release is one part battlecry, one part manifesto, combining both in-studioand on-stage live recordings to prove once again that spontaneity will always inspire and that trueabandonment will always define rock n’ roll.


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